O.K, here is the winner of the little contest I posted recently:

Deb guessed that I have 17 UFO's hanging around. The actual number I counted at the day I posted  the riddle was 18. Your guess was the closest. Congratulations, you will get a nice ball of yarn and a little surprise.

Thank you, Bruno, for thinking I'm capable of starting 31 projects. ;)
That would be a case of severe startitis.

Thanks to everyone who participated. It was fun to see the guesses coming in.
Check my blog another time for a new contest......

Even though I started new things, I'm determined to finish these UFO's.


deb said…
I can;t beleive I guessed it. I,m never good at that sort of thing.
Thank you. I'll see you on Wednesday at the shoppe.Love, Deb

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