Sunday, October 31, 2010

Story Blanket

The last few months have been very busy with house guests, doctor visits, surgery and the daily surprises  of  family life. As much as I would have loved to find more time to design my brain was to tired from multi tasking that I couldn't wrap it around chart writing, calculating gauges and measurements. All I was able to do was going back to the basics called mitered squares in garter stitch. I added quite a few squares to a blanket I started last year to use up little left overs of worsted weight yarn. Since I have a very hard time to throw away even the tiniest pieces of yarn, I collected quite a few mini skeins. Each yarn I use for a square tells a story about a former project or recipient of my hand crafted piece. Very rewarding and relaxing......

Friday, October 22, 2010


It was fun to teach a class in my LYS of my newest pattern Patches Baby Sweater.
Different yarns create unique patterning in this little sweater. This one was done by Margaret, one of our talented knitters. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

14 Pairs of Socks

In summer I thaught a local knitting group how to make socks using my free pattern 
Cozy Toes.
They kept going and the stunning result are the 14 pairs you see in the picture above.
They will travel as far as Mongolia and Kazakhstan to keep the toes of some children cozy in the brutally cold winters they have to endure.
The knitters are Sharon, Kim, Gabriela, Heike and me.

I especially designed this pattern to help people to make socks for charity. It's also very helpful to teach first time sock knitters.
The pattern is written for size small child - adult and for worsted, aran or bulky weight yarn.
The different colored sections  in the picture show the different parts of a sock which doesn't mean that you have to make yours like it. It's for educational purposes, since it is sometimes hard for sock newbies to differentiate gusset, heel cap, heel flap and so. This sock is knitted top down. You will find the free pattern in my pattern store 
My favorite knitting charity, Wool-Aid is always looking for warm wool socks for orphanages in very cold climates. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Whale Watching

On Friday I took my sister whale watching out of Plymouth MA with Captain John Boats. The weather was gorgeous and warm. We not only saw humpback whales but  we also learned how CJB biologists are collecting data to help scientists learn more about the whales that are sighted in the waters of New England, and why our coastal waters are so rich and productive, including the waters of the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. 

This whale stayed with the boat all the time as if he would play with us. The captain couldn't turn on the motor for quite a while since the whale was so close. I love about Captain John Boats that you can feel their concern for this endangered species. They are part of several organizations which help to learn more about whales and their behavior as well as to help them to protect them. 

If you want to see some stunning pictures of our trip and get a better description of what we saw check out the blog post of our naturalist. She brought a lot of very interesting material about whales with her and you can feel her heart for these wonderful animals....
It was my 4th whale watching trip but certainly not my last one.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Patches, one of my designs, will be published in 
Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders: 101 Patterns That Go Way Beyond Socks!

The book will come out on November 13th.
A little later this pattern worked with one skein of sock yarn will be available in my pattern shop too. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Six Loose Ladies....... a yarn shop I always wanted to visit since my friend Tricia, a Vermonter, gave me the hint.
Yesterday, I finally got to go there on a tour through Vermont we took my sister to enjoy the spectacular leave coloring you can find there at this season. My family was patient enough to take a little detour to satisfy my fiber addiction, which was absolutely worth it. 
(happy mom = happy family)

The Six Loose Ladies is more than a regular yarn shop they are a Vermont Fiber Arts shop and Gallery:

"Fiber Arts in Vermont is a non-profit membership organization that supports and encourages all creative fiber arts, provides a wide range of educational opportunities within this venue, coordinates resources, and fosters an atmosphere of communication within the fiber arts community."

It's not only the entrance of this shop Six Loose Ladies which makes you feel welcome, it's the whole atmosphere in the shop as well. I got to meet one of the ladies, Sandy, who was very friendly and knowledgeable, but not pushy. 

Even though they had a lot of their fibers at the Vermont Sheep and Wool festival at this very week end. I still found a huge selection of wonderful yarn including great locally dyed or produced fiber, which I personally love to see in a good shop. It just reflects the creative spirit of an area.  It's so hard to find things made in  U.S.A in the commercial world.
The Six Loose Ladies make a difference.....

As an Art Gallery they also show a beautiful selection of shawl pins, bags, felted items, quilts and jewelry hand crafted by local artisans. 

Last but not least they have a variety of classes for all levels they offer and a cosy sit'n knit area, which makes me want to take out my knitting and stay for a while, but my family is waiting ;-)

Six Loose Ladies, I will be back.......

Here is what I found:

Fingering weight wool yarn from Mt. Ascutney View Farm in Perkinsville VT and two cards.
The yarn reminds me of Jamieson's Shetland wools. It has a beautiful twist and of course it's in my favorite color.....