Whale Watching

On Friday I took my sister whale watching out of Plymouth MA with Captain John Boats. The weather was gorgeous and warm. We not only saw humpback whales but  we also learned how CJB biologists are collecting data to help scientists learn more about the whales that are sighted in the waters of New England, and why our coastal waters are so rich and productive, including the waters of the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. 

This whale stayed with the boat all the time as if he would play with us. The captain couldn't turn on the motor for quite a while since the whale was so close. I love about Captain John Boats that you can feel their concern for this endangered species. They are part of several organizations which help to learn more about whales and their behavior as well as to help them to protect them. 

If you want to see some stunning pictures of our trip and get a better description of what we saw check out the blog post of our naturalist. She brought a lot of very interesting material about whales with her and you can feel her heart for these wonderful animals....
It was my 4th whale watching trip but certainly not my last one.


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