Sunday, January 31, 2010

Marine Splash

Recently Nessa, one of our knitters at the yarn shop, donated some off-white wool yarn for charity knitting. Since the charities I'm knitting for prefer their garments out of darker colors,
I had a good reason to activate my crock pot Kool-Aid dyeing.
My daughter and I had so much fun to pick the colors. As you can tell, we both love teal. Surprise, surprise....
My daughter named the color Marine Splash. We are going to dye more this afternoon!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This is the big brother.....

of my sock yarn blanket. Instead of sock yarn I use worsted weight yarn, which of course makes the squares significantly bigger. Since I have a hard time to throw yarn away I keep all the bits and pieces even if they are very short. Look at the yellow/orange square on the bottom left. It has a tiny green tip, made from a little Noro scrap. Picturing Noro in the trash bin was just too much for me...... I agree, knitters can get very strange and protective about their yarn.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Warm Hands

The Wool-Aid Warm Hands Innu Knits ravelry campaign is collecting wool garments for children ages 7 through 15, as well as wool baby blankets.
Items are destined for the 400 children in the Innu community in Northern Labrador and will be delivered through the Warm Hands Innu Knits group on Ravelry.
These children live in a very isolated area and are often forgotten. Let’s make sure that they know we are not forgetting them!
Within the community, items are distributed through The Next Generation Guardians – a group of Innu women in Northern Labrador working to help the next generation learn life skills and preserve and protect their Innu language and culture, in a community.
Check out their blog!!!
This winter set and some socks are my contribution so far. I found the pattern for the ear flap hat in a book from Cabin Fever called "Need a Hat?"

My friend Carol donated the multicolored hand dyed yarn, Ellyn Cooper's Yarn Sonnets, a wool-alpaca blend.
Sandee Plocharczyk, the owner of Yarns with a Twist, my favorite yarn shop, donated the solid colored Manos del Uruguay yarn. Thank you so much Sandee and Carol for your help to keep a child warm!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kunterbunt - a new free pattern

Teaching at my local yarn shop I’m always looking for easy but fun patterns for novice knitters. Since I wanted to make a shop sample out of this yarn anyways I came up with this pattern...
This scarf/cowl is knitted in the round and with a bulky yarn it is a fast and easy knit. 
To have a room to play with length the pattern comes in two sizes.
The longer version looks great folded over and being hold with a pin. The shorter version
is just a simple cowl to add a little warmth and color on cold days. It can be easily dressed up with a button or pin too.

Finished measurements:

18.5 (27.5)” circumference
4.5” height

1 (2) skeins of Plymouth Yarns, Expressions or 80 (110) yards of bulky weight yarn.
16 (24)” circular needle size US 8 / 5 mm

Gauge: 3.5 sts = 1” over stockinette stitch


Cast on 65 (96) sts.
Join carefully not to twist.
(Purl 3 rounds, knit 5 rounds) 3 times
Purl 3 rounds.
Bind off loosely.

Tip: If you tend to cast on or bind off to tight, try to use 1 size bigger needles

Copyright @2009, Christiane Burkhard, You may use this pattern for personal, non-profit or charity use only

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Designers want to help people in Haiti...

Designers on Ravelry, a huge knitting community, decided that they want to contribute to  disaster relief organizations to help Haiti with their patterns.
Casey, one of the responsible people on Ravelry, created a special pattern search tab "Help for Haiti"
If a designer wishes to contribute all or part of the proceeds for one of their designs to the Haiti relief effort, they add that tag to the pattern page on Ravelry, then write in the description the details of their donation (what percentage, where they are sending the money).  If a Ravelry user simply types "Help for Haiti" in the pattern search box then all those patterns come up, and the knitter or crocheter can help by buying one or more of the tagged patterns. With more than half a million registered users, this can make a serious dent in the money needed to help.

I will donate 50 % of the proceeds of all my pattern sales to World Vision and 
Doctors Without Borders on Ravelry, my etsy shop or if you buy through my blog link.

Everyone is doing it.....

I couldn't resist to start a Sock Yarn Blanket too. It's a great pattern idea to use up stash or leftover sock yarn bits and pieces. As a border I use Cascade Heritage solid to give it a stained glass look. You will ask yourself right now: "Will she ever finish it?"
I will keep you posted. :-) 
Visit Shelly Kang's blog for the pattern.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wool - Aid

Many of you perhaps  remember the Mystery sweater I designed for one of the campaigns for 
Warm Woolies, one of my favorite charity knitting organizations. At the end of the year Warm Woolies had to cease their operation. The Warm Woolies ravelry group of 500 dedicated knitters where sad but determined to keep on knitting for less privileged children in cold climates. In the middle of this progress the two moderators asked me to join them. I feel very honored....

Now the group changed into Wool -Aid and the members already started to knit sock, vests and sweaters, hats and mittens for running campaigns.

"Wool-Aid is a committed community of knitters who create warm, woolen garments for children who live in the coldest of environments and who have the least access to resources.

Our mission is to provide the very neediest children with wool socks, sweaters, vests, mittens, and hats.
We reach out to organizations who fit our focus and whose mission we fit well – providing warm woolen items for children who would otherwise be cold through relief efforts that are not religion-based. We have campaigns geared to a specific organization’s needs as well as general campaigns for specific items."

Check us out on ravelry. Something small as a pair of warm socks can make a big difference in a childs life....

Here is my first sock contribution knitted out of Andes (Euro Yarns), a worsted weight.
They are for our campaign to help Mittens for Akkol .

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stash buster

Recently I found this beautiful stash buster afghan, knitted with double stranded sock yarn, on ravelry. Ulli, wumbs on Ravelry, posted a pattern for it on her blog in English and German.
To get the pattern click on Anleitung on her blog or here.

Friday, January 8, 2010


I'd like to introduce you to our new family member Minna.
Long time ago I spotted a sibling of hers in my neighbors house, and since then I always dreamed of having one like her.
Recently my dream came true when my dear friend and fellow designer Heike came to visit me with Minna on her front seat. 
After Heike introduced me to her she even asked me if Minna could stay with me! 
Since then she is living in our house and helps me in my designing.
She never complains if I ask her  again and again if she would try on a piece. She is so patient. Minna is even able, unlike me, to slim down immediately when I need her to be a smaller size.
I'm so glad she is staying with us......