Warm Hands

The Wool-Aid Warm Hands Innu Knits ravelry campaign is collecting wool garments for children ages 7 through 15, as well as wool baby blankets.
Items are destined for the 400 children in the Innu community in Northern Labrador and will be delivered through the Warm Hands Innu Knits group on Ravelry.
These children live in a very isolated area and are often forgotten. Let’s make sure that they know we are not forgetting them!
Within the community, items are distributed through The Next Generation Guardians – a group of Innu women in Northern Labrador working to help the next generation learn life skills and preserve and protect their Innu language and culture, in a community.
Check out their blog!!!
This winter set and some socks are my contribution so far. I found the pattern for the ear flap hat in a book from Cabin Fever called "Need a Hat?"

My friend Carol donated the multicolored hand dyed yarn, Ellyn Cooper's Yarn Sonnets, a wool-alpaca blend.
Sandee Plocharczyk, the owner of Yarns with a Twist, my favorite yarn shop, donated the solid colored Manos del Uruguay yarn. Thank you so much Sandee and Carol for your help to keep a child warm!


Story said…
So nice! I love how heavy it is...
pamela w allen said…
This is lovely...beautiful hand knit woolens, lovingly created and graciously given...
Wow! Beautiful work. I know someone will be glad to receive such beautiful items.

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