Monday, December 23, 2013

Morgentau revealed

The secret of the Morgentau Mystery KAL is revealed and the final version of the pattern available. We had a lot of fun with the KAL in my ravelry group LISMI KNITS. That makes me want to do another one soon...... But first have a look what Morgentau is before we jump into the next adventure.


Pattern PDF $ 6.00
Use the promotinal code MORGENTAU and get 30% off valid until December 24th midnight EST

Morgentau shawlette just takes one skein of fingering weight sock yarn and therefore will give you the opportunity to use this one special skein or create a fast, beautiful gift. 
If you wish to make it bigger, there will be several possibilities offered. One of them is to use sport or dk weight yarn. Please consider that this will take more yardage than the recommended amount for fingering weight yarn. 
There are also options for easy beading to make your piece even more special. This pattern works very well with gradient dyed yarn.Yarn used in pictures: Lismi Knits Ascona, gradient and Lismi Knits Brienz color Green Lagoon. Check out my Etsy shop`

Monday, November 25, 2013

Green Mountain Fiber Festival

Last night I came back from the green Mountain Fiber Festival. For me this was the last fiber show of the season. The Wilder Center was a beautiful location for this indoor event.
Yes, we had snow..... the first snow for me this season. The staff at the Center was great and made everything a pleasant experience. We even got to exercise carrying our booth up and down stairs! ;-)

My booth at the Green Mountain Fiber Festival!

This time py patterns Farfalla, Impavido and Volan where the hot items. At the last Fiber Festival it was Roxbury Pond in first place. One never knows...

Friday before set up we spend some time at White River Yarns, a great friendly yarn shop in White River Junction. The owner, Karen organized the festival and her husband provided very delicious food for the vendors as well as for visitors.

 Ewe & I Farm, NH
Beautiful yarns!!

Gorgeous wet felted hats, garments and supplies!

My booth neighbor with her gorgeous hand dyes!

Ellyn Cooper from Ellyn Cooper's Yarn Sonnets
Beautiful colors!

Friday, November 22, 2013


Sign up for the Morgentau Mystery KAL is open now. Let the fun begin. 
Buy the pattern to the reduced price of $4.00 and sign up in my ravelry group Lismi Knits
This is a Mystery Shawl KAL so there won’t be a full pattern until week 3. No one will know what the finished shawl will look like until you get the final update. This will be a short KAL with 3 clues, so that you will be able to make gift knitting fun….. 
With the purchase of the pattern, you are buying the rights to get a full pattern at the end of the Mystery KAL (knit-along).
Morgentau shawlette just takes one skein of fingering weight sock yarn and therefore will give you the opportunity to use this one special skein or create a fast, beautiful gift. 
If you wish to make it bigger, there will be several possibilities offered. One of them is to use sport or dk weight yarn. Please consider that this will take more yardage than the recommended amount for fingering weight yarn. 
There are also options for easy beading to make your piece even more special. 
This pattern works very well with gradient dyed yarn.
For the shawl I just added Ascona Gradient to my Etsy shop:

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


As knitters we know how fast our little ones outgrow the things we make for them. Therefore I wanted to design something they can wear for a long time. Since small children grow more in length than in chest circumference, the little dress just transforms into a tunic style top as they get older. It’s worked top down with a round yoke and is seamless. The little extra neck opening makes it easy to pull the dress over the head. (My kids alway hated to get stuck in a small sweater neck opening)
The pattern is written for 3 sizes (0-6months, 12months, 18 months - 2 years) and also includes a picture tutorial how to do a 2 colored cast on.
To celebrate the release of this pattern get 25% off using the promotion code ELENI in my ravelry store.

Make the smaller size with just one skein of worsted weight yarn. My cute model wears the 0-6 month dress even though she is over a year old. 

1(2,2,2,2) skeins of Lismi Knits Magic Ball or Portland Gradient, color rainbow, worsted weight at approx. 220 yards a skein. 
I also just added my gradient dyed yarn, Portland Gradient, color rainbow to my Etsy shop. It's a worsted weight super-wash Merino, great for kids stuff.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

FFNE - Fiber Festival of New England 2013

My office still looks like a whirlwind went through. How to fit in a whole booth in is the question. Sunday night I got back from the Fiber Festival of New England, Springfield MA, were I have been a vendor for the first time. At first I was a bit nervous about all the logistics of setting up, power, light etc., but the staff at the show was wonderful and my husband helped me a lot.
It was inspiring to meet so many other vendors and see the amazing amount of creativity which makes such a festival so special.
So many nice people stopped by. Thank you to all my customers and friends who came to see my booth!

My booth Saturday morning before opening.......

.....and then the rest of the day pretty much looked like this. The help of my friend Heike saved me from running around like a headless chicken. (I had a nasty cold....)

 Rachel Henry, fellow designer and one of my favorite contestants at the Fiber Factor
stopped by.  She is such a wonderful person and talented designer.

Many thanks to the great staff at FFNE, to my great customers, my friends who support me and to my family. After selling out on some patterns my hubby saved me from a printing night shift by doing this for me while I was still working at the show. All I had to do text him the ones I wanted printed......

Now I'm going through my inventory and prepare for the next show end of November in VT.
I just listed some new colors in my Etsy shop:

I will host a Mystery KAL in my ravelry group Lismi Knits soon. For the KAL I will dye some gradient yarn in Ascona. The pattern also will work well with Color Changing Cotton from Wolle's Yarn Creations.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Emily from Borrowing Photographs is hosting her September giveaway.
Win one skein of my yarns or one of my patterns of your choice.
Check out the giveaway here.

Some of my new colors:

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What's New?

Summer went by very fast and so many things are going on. Let me fill you in on the newest events in my knitting world:

Tidepool Shawlette is published and available for purchase:

The Ocean is one of the most meaningful places in my life. One of my favorite childhood memories is spending time with my family at the North Sea. I loved long walks on the beach and had a great time examining the tide pools for all kinds of treasures. 
The pattern is written for 2 choices of yarn weight (worsted/aran or fingering/dk) and two different sizes in fingering weight to give you more choices.

• Circular needle US 9 (4) / 6 (3,5)mm, 32ʺ/ 80cm 
• Approx. 280 (355, 470) yards aran or worsted weight (fingering-dk, fingering-dk bigger shawl) yarn. 
• 4 (6,6) sts = 1ʺ in st st 
Finished size: 
• approx. 50ʺ (50, 53) wide, 15 (15, 17)ʺ high

New listings in my Etsy shop:

Monday, July 22, 2013

Magic Yarn Balls

New listings in my Etsy shop:

Magic Yarn Balls

This one-of-a-kind skein is carefully put together using a join technique, which leaves no knots or ends to weave in.
One skein will be enough to make the slouchy hat shown in the picture below. You will receive a FREE PATTERN of this hat with the purchase of one magic ball.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tidepool Shawlette

On vacation I had the chance to take pictures of my newest design Tidepool Shawlette.
I promise, that the sunrise in the picture has nothing to do with Photoshop. The colors and the ocean were just magnificent; totally worth of getting up before 6:00 am (despite vacation).

Check out my new ravelry group Lismi Knits for more information about test knitting and release date.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

New design Esther is released

Esther, a lacy V-shaped shawl, is the perfect accessory to cover bare shoulders on a breezy summer evening. It is knitted in different directions. The easy garter stitch lace border is worked first side to side. Then stitches are picked up to work the body bottom up. Its oval shape helps to stay on the shoulders.

1. Col 1, approx. 305 yards / 279 m fingering weight yarn (lighter color in
picture, Yarn: Lismi Knits, Basel col. Roses
2. Col 2, approx. 260 yards / 238 m fingering weight yarn (darker color in
picture, Ellyn Cooper’s Yarn Sonnets, Zohar socks)
3. Circular needle US2 / 2.75 mm
4. Stitch markers
Finished Measurements:
Height (measured from center bottom to center neck): 12ʺ″ / 30.5 cm
Width (measuring the oval opening) 22ʺ″ / 56 cm

Join the KAL in my ravelry group Lismi Knits

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Glimpse of a New Design

ESTHER is the name of this new shawlette design. The pattern is being tested right now and will be released in approximately 2 weeks. There are 2 spots still open for test knitting.
Check out my thread in the ravelry tester group before they are gone.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Why Knot

Why not crochet! During the last years crochet lost more and more it's reputation of being a craft for old people with squeaking acrylic yarn and old-fashioned style.
There are many great patterns available now.
Personally I like to switch to crochet once in a while for a change.

I started to offer crochet workshops in my LYS. In my next one we will do the shawl "Why Knot" by Abigail Phelbs, a great advanced beginner pattern.

For my sample I used Cascade Sunseeker, a great cotton with a tiny bit of glitz.

Spring can come......even though we are in the middle of a snow storm right now....

Friday, March 1, 2013

Elizabeth Zimmermann Adult Surprise Jacket II

It's fun to see this jacket emerging,  especially since I am able to create my own fabric with all the scrap yarns I'm using. Helping my students with their jackets, I thought it might be helpful to write down all the modifications.

Here are some of the modifications I made so far:

Instead of a double decrease, I "sandwiched" the stitch at point A and B between a marker on each side.  On my decreasing rows I worked in the following way:
Knit to 2 sts before the first marker, SSK, slip marker, knit 1 st, slip marker, K2tog. On wrong side rows I purled the "sandwiched" stitch to create a decorative line.                                                  

Waist shaping: 
The original pattern is more a boxy jacket. In addition to that the striping will be horizontal in the back, which can be tricky for fuller body types. I decided to do some waist shaping to make this jacket more figure flattering:
  • Mark the stitch after the sandwiched stitches with additional waste yarn or marker when you are done with your decreasing and ready to start increasing again. Leave the other markers in, since you will still use them to show you where to increase!) Use a contrasting color that  you won't  mix them up with the markers indicating where to increase. At this point the new markers show exactly your underarm and the seam line between front and back. The  stitches between A & B (and the new markers) show the width of your back now. Count them and write the number down.. (mine had 94 sts)
  • Measure yourself: Measure the distance between your underarm and your waist. Please don't forget that the sleeves have some ease and that the underarm doesn't start right in your arm pit! Write this number down. (mine was 7 inches)
  • Think about how many inches you want the waist shaping to be. (I chose 2.5 inches) Multiply the number of inches with your gauge which will give you the numbers of stitches you will have to decrease. ( 2.5 x 4.75 = 11.87 rounded 12)    Divide this number by 2, since you will work decreases at both sides marked by your new markers. (12 : 2 = 6) Multiply row gauge with the distance between underarm and waist. (7 inches x 8 rows = 56) Divide this number by the number of stitches you have to decrease on one side. (56 : 6 = 9.3 rounded 9) This will show you that you have to decrease one stitch at your new marker every so often. (my jacket: I would decrease every 9th row)
  • This means while you are following the pattern instructions with increasing at the sandwiched stitch, work your decreases at the new markers according to your calculations. (Moving the new markers up as you continue to work they will "travel" a  farther away from your "sandwich" markers.) After having decreased all your waist shaping stitches revert the process and increase the same amount of stitches. If you plan to do a shorter jacket you might have to space out your increases at the waist line differently.
To be able to do this longer short row collar I aimed to get a longer v-neck line.

  • After you put the 3 inch worth of stitches on hold as the pattern tells you to do, I decreased one stitch at the beginning of each row until the pattern tell you to put the stitches of E - A and F - B on hold.
Stay tuned for more posts about this project!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Elizabeth Zimmermann Adult Surprise Jacket I

Elizabeth Zimmermann is one of the knitters I truly admire for her adventurous and genius knitting spirit. She laid foundations for many frequently used techniques as well as encouraged countless knitters to further their creativity.

Elizabeth Zimmermann (August 9, 1910–November 30, 1999) was a British-born knitter known for revolutionizing the modern practice of knitting through her books and instructional series on American public television. Though knitting back and forth on rigid straight needles was the norm, she advocated knitting in the round using flexible circular needles to produce seamless garments and to make it easier to knit intricate patterns. In The Opinionated Knitter, Zimmermann's daughter Meg notes that while her mother wanted to call her first book Knitting Without a License, her publishers changed it to Knitting Without Tears. However, the former perhaps best expresses Zimmermann's knitting philosophy. In all her published works (print and video), she encouraged knitters to experiment and develop their own patterns.*

The Adult Surprise Jacket is one of the her most popular and stunning patterns. You are going to be able to choose whatever yarn or gauge you like. The jacket is knitted in one piece with garter stitch and you will be surprised how this piece will fold up into a gorgeous jacket.

For the second time now, I'm teaching a workshop how to make this jacket in my LYS.
For mine I will make modifications for a wider armhole, longer arms (the arms in the original pattern are only elbow length) and hopefully for some waist shaping.

For all the ASJ Jacket fans here my progress and numbers so far:

Gauge: 4.75 sts = 1” in garter stitch 
A & B are at 2.5K (79 sts) 
K =31.66
  • Cast on 316 sts (10K) for a wider armhole using provisional crochet cast on.
  • Worked 31 decreasing rows (to approx. 6K ) This is another modification for a wider armhole.
Oh, and I forgot to mention that I'm using scrap yarns and single left over skeins.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Preemie Hats - Free Pattern

Happy New Year!

Despite I'm not crazy about new years resolutions I ended up doing it too.
I thought it would be nice to start using up long neglected skeins of yarn before my stash is taking over more space. I found two colorful skeins of cotton and decided to use it for charity premie hats.

You can find my free pattern design here