I'd like to introduce you to our new family member Minna.
Long time ago I spotted a sibling of hers in my neighbors house, and since then I always dreamed of having one like her.
Recently my dream came true when my dear friend and fellow designer Heike came to visit me with Minna on her front seat. 
After Heike introduced me to her she even asked me if Minna could stay with me! 
Since then she is living in our house and helps me in my designing.
She never complains if I ask her  again and again if she would try on a piece. She is so patient. Minna is even able, unlike me, to slim down immediately when I need her to be a smaller size.
I'm so glad she is staying with us......


h.brueckner said…
That is funny. I am glad you like her.
Anonymous said…
lucky you! what a wonderful friend to give you such a thoughtful gift. It will be so great to have for all of your designing!

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