Marine Splash

Recently Nessa, one of our knitters at the yarn shop, donated some off-white wool yarn for charity knitting. Since the charities I'm knitting for prefer their garments out of darker colors,
I had a good reason to activate my crock pot Kool-Aid dyeing.
My daughter and I had so much fun to pick the colors. As you can tell, we both love teal. Surprise, surprise....
My daughter named the color Marine Splash. We are going to dye more this afternoon!


Story said…
i am so shocked that you picked teals and blues...i didn't think you really liked those that much! Ha! The yarn turned out so lovely...nice job women!
I clicked to leave you a message about your adventure this afternoon to find that Story had beat me to it. I wanted to tease you about your color choice. (:-)
You both did a awesome job....I love the colors.
pamela w allen said…
Luscious colors! Lots of fun!
h.brueckner said…
Tolle Farbkombi. Und wo ist das, was ihr am Nachmittag noch gefaerbt habt???? ;-)

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