Scrap Happy - Scrap Yarn Socks

WARNING! Making socks from scrap yarn is highly addictive!!
What you need:
  • 5-6 gr of different colored scraps if you would like to make matching socks approx. 100 gr.
  • simple sock pattern of your choice for fingering weight yarn
  • needles

The colors are changed every 6th row as described. The first time colors are changed at the beginning of the round. Hold the end of the old color doubled with the new one and knit the first 5 stitches. Then let go of the end of the old color and weave the rest in over a few stitches while knitting. In the next round, double the end of new color with the working yarn in the second round and work doubled thread for a few stitches. The next color change I begin 4-5 stitches before the end of the 5th round and do the same. Then alternate color changes: Once at the beginning of the  6th round and the next time at the end of the  5th round. So the "thicker" places are better distributed and do not disturb the wearing comfort. For cuff, heal and toes I chose a solid contrasting color which kind of sets the color scheme. The ends are knitted and woven in as you go.

Here are the socks how they look inside out. 


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