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Many of you perhaps  remember the Mystery sweater I designed for one of the campaigns for 
Warm Woolies, one of my favorite charity knitting organizations. At the end of the year Warm Woolies had to cease their operation. The Warm Woolies ravelry group of 500 dedicated knitters where sad but determined to keep on knitting for less privileged children in cold climates. In the middle of this progress the two moderators asked me to join them. I feel very honored....

Now the group changed into Wool -Aid and the members already started to knit sock, vests and sweaters, hats and mittens for running campaigns.

"Wool-Aid is a committed community of knitters who create warm, woolen garments for children who live in the coldest of environments and who have the least access to resources.

Our mission is to provide the very neediest children with wool socks, sweaters, vests, mittens, and hats.
We reach out to organizations who fit our focus and whose mission we fit well – providing warm woolen items for children who would otherwise be cold through relief efforts that are not religion-based. We have campaigns geared to a specific organization’s needs as well as general campaigns for specific items."

Check us out on ravelry. Something small as a pair of warm socks can make a big difference in a childs life....

Here is my first sock contribution knitted out of Andes (Euro Yarns), a worsted weight.
They are for our campaign to help Mittens for Akkol .


Wow! The socks look great!
Lynn said…
Love the socks!!!

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