14 Pairs of Socks

In summer I thaught a local knitting group how to make socks using my free pattern 
Cozy Toes.
They kept going and the stunning result are the 14 pairs you see in the picture above.
They will travel as far as Mongolia and Kazakhstan to keep the toes of some children cozy in the brutally cold winters they have to endure.
The knitters are Sharon, Kim, Gabriela, Heike and me.

I especially designed this pattern to help people to make socks for charity. It's also very helpful to teach first time sock knitters.
The pattern is written for size small child - adult and for worsted, aran or bulky weight yarn.
The different colored sections  in the picture show the different parts of a sock which doesn't mean that you have to make yours like it. It's for educational purposes, since it is sometimes hard for sock newbies to differentiate gusset, heel cap, heel flap and so. This sock is knitted top down. You will find the free pattern in my pattern store 
My favorite knitting charity, Wool-Aid is always looking for warm wool socks for orphanages in very cold climates. 


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