Dyeing in my Crock Pot

I used my living room chair to wind the yarn into a hank.
To avoid tangling, I tied the hank in five places.

Then I washed the wool in lukewarm water with a hint of baby shampoo, rinsed it and let it soak for 15 -20 min.
(Avoid agitation so that the wool doesn't felt.)

During the time my yarn took a bath, I prepared my Kool-Aid dyes.
In this case 8 envelopes of grape flavour, 7 cherry, and 3 raspberry.

I put the yarn into the crock pot in a spiral. poured the colors in different places to get more a variegated look and let the dye
the whole thing sit for approximately 2 hours on low heat.
I took the yarn out when the water cleared up and rinsed the hank carefully.

Now my new yarn is hanging outside to dry. 

This time I played with different reds, because my local grocery store has a limited selection of flavors. I just don't have a name for my color yet.........


Anonymous said…
Cool! It looks great. Nice job on your first attempt. what are you going to make with it?
Lynn said…
Very cool!!! I LOVE to dye with Kool-Aid! But I only usually use one color at a time. I think I need to branch out like you did....

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