Most of you know that I love lighthouses. My daughter wrote a poem for me as a Christmas present:

A Peaceful Lighthouse

A lighthouse rests on a hill near the coast,
The sound of waves pawing against the shore fills the air,
The air smells of clean ocean salt water,
On foggy days, the honking of the horn can be heard,
It's light shines in the darkness glowing on still water,
Sea shells and rocks lie on the beach,
The red and white paint shimmers in the sun.

Thank you so much. I'm proud of you.
This poem makes me want to escape the freezing cold and visit one of the beautiful lighthouses on the coast on a warm summer evening with a gorgeous sunset.

Keep dreaming ........


Story said…
Lovely...I remember so fondly my daughters poetry books that she created when she was sweet to hold to your heart...

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