Mystery Sweater Part 1

It's great to see  now 60 people knitting this sweater for Warm Woolies
Yesterday I sent out part 2 of the pattern for them to work on. I'm totally impressed with these great knitters, how excited they participate in this journey, not knowing how the finished project will finally look like!
The picture shows you part 1 of the MS (Mystery Sweater). 
I used a yarn called Candide Vintage, which is not produced any more. It's one of these 100% wool yarns, which are able to handle a great deal of wear and tear. Since this 100% wool is still warm even when wet and won't be worn out by one child, this is a great match for Warm Woolies.
My friend Sandee donated this yarn. Thank you so much Sandee!
The picture shows the MS sweater knitted in a size 10. It looks a little tight since the model is a tall 12 year old.


Anonymous said…
It looks great! I loved Candide yarn...back in the day.

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