Naming Contest

There is still almost one day left and there are already so many ingenious names posted in the comments of original contest post:
  • Aurora Borealis / Light's in the Sky   by Andrea
  • Vikare       by LaurieM
  • Cygnus    by Jouneyseeds
  • Coriolis    by Majorie
  • Blue Mountain  by Bienchensmama
  • Blue Balance    by Petunia
  • Gorgeous Gemstone  by Susanne
  • Northern Lights  by Claudia
  • Wavebird   by Quietsch
  • Montana    by Angela
  • Mountain Sunset  by Dmw
  • Phong Na  by Ili
  • Angle Wings Shawl / Snowbird Wrap / Winter Star by Kate
  • Sparkling Berries  by Karen
  • Ikran  by H.brueckner
  • Wings over New England  by Kay
  • Evening Sunset by Connie
  • Winged Victory  by Sam

To pic the name is going to be a hard decision. Thank you very much for your submissions!!! it's not to late to put one in. The contest will close 8:00 pm EST. Tonight I'm going to present them to my family to vote on. Besides their choice another criteria for me will be to select a name which is not used in a lot of other designs. Tomorrow morning I will post the winner's name. Thank you so much for participating. 


lol! Oh dear, "Angleswings"??? I meant to write "Angel wings"!! lol

Note to self: read what your write before you hit post!

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