The German version of Wavebird is released

Thanks to my super fast German test knitters Karin, Juliane, Tina and Bine the German version of wavebird is now available in my ravelry shop.
From now through December 24th all the proceeds will go towards the microcredit program of
World Vision Microfinance.

"Microfinance loans foster small-scale entrepreneurship and act as a hand up in situations where a handout is not helpful. Small loans give impoverished individuals the working capital they need to start or grow a business. With one in five people worldwide surviving on less than $1.25 a day, the need is great."
I feel very lucky to be able to design. Through this program I hope somebody in less fortunate circumstances will be empowered to start his own business.
"Microfinance benefits ripple out to families and communities
As a business generate profits, small loan recipients build assets, save money, and are able to provide for their families. If the business expands to hire additional employees, then the entire community gets an economic development boost. Once repaid and recycled, microfinance loans can help family after family lift themselves out of poverty."


h.brueckner said…
What a wonderful idea, Christiane.

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