Barn Raising Quilt

In my LYS we celebrate the tradition of knitting together.
We each knit squares to donate to the Barn Raising Quilt for a total of 42 squares. When the quilt is completed, we will raffle it off and donate the proceeds to the Women's Domestic Violence Shelter in Willimantic CT. My friend Linda saw this quilt in the book Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together and came up with the idea to do it! It's great to knit for a purpose and we already have 25 squares piling up.
We're using diffrent types of fingering weight yarn and it's going to be fun to put it together and see all this beautiful squares coming together to a quilt!
This is my contribution so far:

Finally I found the book in which the socks of the Scottish clan member was published in:
Design for Knitting Kilt Hose available through Amazon.


Story said…
thanks for participating! i love your squares!
Esther said…
Hallo Lismi
Heisst das, dass dieses Muster in einem schottischen Buch erschienen ist? Das pattern gefällt mir sehr gut, ich finde es immer lustig, wie die pattern die gleichen Namen haben wie die Patchwork Sachen zum Nähen!
c.a. Marks said…
where can i get the pattern for this? cmarks1990 at gmail dot com thanks

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