What is this?

Here a little summer quiz for you. What is featured on the picture below? The person who posts the right answer on my blog first will receive a knitting related surprise gift.
O.k, here's the picture:


LaurieM said…
Looks like Lizard Ridge to me. I've been working on one most of the summer.
LISMI said…
HI LaurieM,
you're right. it's the Lizard Ridge.
Wow you have been so fast. Congratulations!!
If you are on ravelry, please send me your address, so that I can mail you your gift.
Anonymous said…
okay...so I guess the lizard ridge too! Of course as you know I am also working on this lizard ridge....so, all I can do is guess about yours at the moment...or I maybe YOU could guess when I'm going to finish mine! It is so beautiful!
katharina.w said…
Das isch nid feer, so nes quiz z mache, wenn mir no i de Ferie si! Jetz hani ja ke schance me, di Priis z gwinne... Macht nüüt, i möcht dir trotzdäm gratuliere zu dim Meischterwärch vo Decki!!! Superschööön!

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