Triple Blue

This post I have to start with a confession. When we moved into our house in the States we made fun about the fact that this house has central air, which we thought is typical American. I have to admit it was pure ignorance, because the longer I live in CT the more I appreciate this fabulous invention trying to cope with the hot and humid summers. Who would have thought that you have subtropical weather in rural New England? The other cool fact of our air conditioned house is that I am still able to knit despite sticky and muggy outside conditions. Yay, to some of the modern technology!
Now I come to the even more exciting part of this post. I have a new design in works. The buzz of this new adventure even kept me from a well earned nap in the afternoon. Who would snooze  then anyways...

Elisabeth from Wolle's Yarn Creation has so many beautiful colors to choose from. 
I picked this one for my new creation:

Yes, it's blue.....


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