I had to do it another time.

Thursday I went to a big grocery shop and found all kinds of Kool-Aid flavors for a reasonable price. I couldn't resist  to stock up my little stash. Since it is so easy to use my kitchen and the crock pot, I had to dye another skein of yarn on Friday. This time I wanted to try variegated blue-teal-green shades. 
It is so much fun to mix colors! To my surprise, the blue-green shades are not as intensive in color as the red ones. So I ended up having some lighter hues than anticipated..... It's definitely a learning process. Nevertheless I love this skein and my daughter already claimed it for a garment for her.


Dyeing is totally addicting isn't it? :)
Lynn said…
I LOVE the colors in this!!! Very spring/summer feel to it.

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