Back from Stitches West

Finally I got back from Stitches West in Santa Clara, California. Due to a snow storm and cancelled flights it was one day later than intended. My hope to get a glimpse of spring weather in CA faded away in chilly rain and temperatures below the ones in CT, but other than that and a nasty cold I caught, Stitches was great.
Seeing my design Morning Breeze on the runway was very special and exciting! Unfortunately I was too thrilled to take a halfway decent picture.
The market place was huge and inspiring. Here are some things I picked up:

These 2 beauties I got from Tactile and I'm planning on a new design with them.
Maia, the owner, has beautiful shades of natural dyed yarn which made it hard for me to choose.

I couldn't resist this color from Rabbitworks Fiber Studio

I got the last two Japanese Knitting books!!

I met Cayenna from Caya Colour Yarns

One of the great things about a convention like this is to meet wonderful people. I enjoyed talking to complete strangers about knitting, fiber and the world... 

This group of enthusiastic grafters stood out for me. They had so much fun with their blue scarfs. They call themselves Knit Whits and they knit for the Paralympics. Their enthusiasm and joy was contagious. Stitches West for me was not only about designers, vendors and yarn but also about being part of this great community of craft lovers. 

 Even though the weather was bad I saw some messengers of spring.


margaret said…
Can't wait to check out those books! I've been intrigued by them for a while now. Hope I see you soon!

Loony Nuna
Bonnie Jaeckle said…
Welcome home! AND..congrats on your "Morning Breeze!"

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