Austria 2

Yesterday I went on a trip to Innsbruck, the beautiful capital city of the state of Tyrol.
I enjoyed  gorgeous historic buildings, the diversity of shops, mountains and good coffee. What a difference to a shopping mall........
Even though the temperature was still below freezing, the street cafes had tables outside with sheep fur and blankets to keep the  hardy out door lovers warm and cozy!
One of Innsbruck's landmarks is the Golden Roof, built in 1500 as the residence of the Tirolean sovereigns. 


Story said…
oh so pretty! You must be having such a great time. I'm at the shop right now...we love you! Sandee wants to see a picture of you in the pool...the indoor/outdoor scene...!
Lynn said…
GORGEOUS!!!! I've always wanted to go there! Keep posting pics of your time there!

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