Merry Christmas

What's truly important

Remember today what's really important to you. Look past 
those fleeting concerns and activities that seem so urgent, 
and look into what you truly care about.

Generously give quality, focused time to the special people 
in your life. Accept them for who they are and listen 
without judgment to what they have to say.

Spend some quiet time with your own best thoughts. 
Peacefully consider the goodness and value in your life, and 
feel the warmth that those thoughts bring.

Softly treasure the moments of this day. Each moment is an 
opportunity to give more value and support to those things 
that matter most.

Keep yourself connected to what's truly important to you. 
From that perspective, you'll find great fulfillment in all 
that you do. 


vicki said…
Merry Christmas, Christiane,to you and yours!

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