Monday, December 21, 2009

Finishing Christmas presents part 1

Today I'd like to finish the socks for my 4 year old.
I'm using my favorite basic sock pattern Classic Socks for the Family from Yankee Knitters Design.
The pattern is written for 5 different sizes and 3 different weights of yarn. We use this pattern to teach beginner socks at my LYS.
I changed the heel from a reinforced slip stitch heel flap, which looks like a ribbing, to one which looks more like woven fabric by alternating the slip stitches every right side row.
It would read like this:
Row 1: *Slip 1 st, K1*, repeat across row.
Row 2: Slip 1 st, purl across row.
Row 3: Slip 1 st, *Slip 1 st, K1*, repeat across row.
Row 4: Slip 1 st, purl across row.
(Stitches are slipped as if to purl.)
Repeat rows 1 - 4 until heel flap has desired length.

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LaurieM said...

That's the "eye of the partridge" heel stitch. Looks great.