After a 24 hour drive we arrived safely in Orlando.
We are looking forward to the wedding of our friend on Sunday. We had fun at our friends house and I was excited to see some people I haven't seen in a long time......
I even taught the bride and groom a dancing lesson for the wedding. What a honor......

And if somebody thinks that people in Florida don't decorate their houses for Christmas because of a lack of snow......

Welcome to the land of Disney!!!!
This is actually a private house decorated with 100 000 lights and the owner spending 3 weeks in the year to put it up and down........


Esther said…
Liebe Christiane

Viel Freude bei der Hochzeit. Oder war die schön? Das könnte durchaus sein.
Macht nicht, du kannst uns dann erzählen.
24 hours autofahren, das wäre nichts für mich... ;)
Und das Haus! WOW!

Dir wünsche ich frohe Weihnachten und viele ruhige Tage.

Liebe Grüsse

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