LIZARD RIDGE finished!!!!!!!

It's done, I finished it! I didn't do the border shown in the originally pattern and just added couple of rows in garter stitch and mitered them. Which means I picked up and knit the stitches on one side of the blanket and increased one stitch at the beginning and the end of each right side row.
This time I did squares but if I ever do one again I think about knitting it in panels.
For weaving in the ends I used the dublicate stitch method. Instructions for this you will find here.
Anyways the original pattern you can find here.
Now I will send this afghan off to my friend as a wedding gift (Even though I'm tempted to keep it :)) ). I hope they ill like it!!! A special blanket for very special people..............................


Wow! Looks amazing. Blankets/afghans intimidate me.
vicki said…
It's beautiful! I'm sure they'll love it. :)
laughingjulia said…
I am so happy to be it's owner! It is a special reminder of you guys every time we look at it:)

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