LLTS stands for....

.......Long Live The Scraps.  LLTS is  a blanket recipe I wrote  to use up odds and ends of yarn. It can be done on any gauge, size or pattern stitch. Not long ago I held a blanket drive for charity where people were using this pattern. I was blown away by the cute wool baby blankets the Wool-Aid knitters made. Heideh, (heideh) on ravelry, made this one:

Finally, I finished mine too. I used  yarn which was donated for charity, a sturdy wool yarn
with a light storage smell to it. I soaked it, hung it to dry outside and , oh wonder, it soften and lost its garage fragrance.

The blanket is worked in strips which are attached as you go. The blanket is fully reversible. The clean two-colored ridge on one side adds texture and depth.

The other side is smooth and only a very fine line shows that it was worked in strips.
The best thing: There is now sewing involved.

This blanket will keep a child in Tibet warm.


Bonnie Jaeckle said…
What a wonderful idea!

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