What a great week end!

After the last few weeks with broken down cars, house full of workers, the aftermath of   tropical storm Irene, beginning of  the new school year and health problems of my youngest I got to go to a knitting retreat on the Pocono Plateau in Pennsylvannia,  hosted by 
Kraemer Yarns, a yarn company which is located in Nazareth, PA.

I met so many nice people at this retreat. The location, Pocono Plataeau Camp & Retreat Center was the right place to get the creative juice flowing. Hiking, classes, game night are only a few things out of many we were able to do. Almost every meal we found a little surprise on our table:
Clara made embroidered project bags for each one of us. One evening I found one of 
Kate Lemmers pattern on my bed with one skein of Kraemer, Perfection. Clara made fridge magnets from a group photo she took in the afternoon. Even the name tags were embroidered by her...... I felt so pampered.  Many thanks  to everyone from Kraemers who made this week end possible.
Hand dyeing was one of my highlights of this week end. It was so much fun to see the colors people came up with and I could have gone on and on creating new color ways. I dyed up several skeins of Lesley, one of Kraemer's fingering weight  natural colored yarns with a nice twist. This yarn seems a great base yarn for hand dyeing and I can't wait to knit with it.
You will see my dye results tomorrow....... stay tuned.


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