Roxbury Pond - A New Design

Since Roxbury Pond always brings up precious memories, I decided to make this the name of my new design.

Simple elegance, intriguing texture, detail and shape make this piece a must have. This semi-circular shawl uses a short row technique that is easy for less experienced knitters too. The decorative picot edging is worked as you go.

You can find more information here.

Small (large):
Width approx. 34 (60)”, 86 (127) cm
Length approx. 19 (30)”, 48 (76) cm
Approx. 650 (1300) yards fingering weight yarn
It’s easy to change the size of the shawl by using a heavier weight yarn. (Heavier yarn will require more yardage)


Nuna Knits said…
Another beautiful pattern! I saw it on Ravelry earlier today.
KB Design said…
LG, Brigitte
pamela w allen said…
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