Volan - My New Design

 Whether dressing up your jeans jacket or adding flair to dressier attire, Volan offers endless possibilities for fashionably warding off the chill of cool evenings or air conditioning. This versatile piece is something between a scarf, shawl and wrap with a crescent shape that allows for many styling options.
Volan has double shaped ruffles on both edges and a two colored garter stitch body. Innovative construction techniques eliminate the need for short rows and picking up stitches.

For the shawl in these pictures I used two different colors of Kauni Effekgarn (EQ, EF). You also could use either two solid colors, a color changing yarn and a solid, a semisolid and a variegated……

For this piece I used Tactile Fiber Arts Studio's superwash Merino - Bamboo, fingering weight sock yarn a super-soft gorgeous yarn.


msdawg said…
I love this scarf and am at the prep row for bottom ruffles and am stuck. Am I correct that the free needle is held in the right hand? Also, not sure about the yarn over--when I knit and do a yarn over I bring the working yarn (which has been at the back as I am knitting along)to the front as if to purl only I knit instead. Not clear to me what you mean by this YO is opposite to the usual. I am an experienced beginner so probably just ignorance. You tube has not been helpful and could not find info on Ravelry. I thank you for any help you are able to provide.
My email is msdogzoe@yahoo.com

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