Long Live The Scraps

Wasting or throwing away yarn - no way!! It's impossible to picture even the smallest amount of yarn in a trash can. I remember I just once made this the final destination of a skein. The fight  for it's life was fierce. Trying to untangle this hank I got from someone was impossible........ Finally I lost patience.

Let's help these neglected scraps and leftovers to new glory and purpose.

The fight for survival of the scraps was successful. They lined up with the others to make it possible to keep a child in Afghanistan warm and cozy and add some color to her life.

PS: In order to do the border I had to buy new yarn and ended up having more scraps. Oh, well, long live the yarn industry......


VCFibers said…
It turned out beautiful and so warm looking! Now I want to make one from my scraps.

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