I couldn't resist......

.........to buy this skein of  Ellyn Cooper"s Yarn Sonnets.
It started out very innocent (as usual). Ellyn gave me a leftover of this yarn to play with, and I fell in love. This dream of color named Jasimine Dragon (color Rose Collage) is a wool-cashmere-silk blend. Suddenly I found myself in the middle of a new shawl design.
Soon I will be able to send it to my newly found test knitter, Barb. Test knitters are a rare but very important species of knitters. I'm glad that Barb is willing to test knit for me.

Other than that I'm planing on translating my patterns into German, finish some other designs
(three of them) and work on socks for Wool Aid.


Lynn said…
all I can say is YUMMY!!!! Can't wait to see what you make with it!
journeyseeds said…
well...you know you COULD resist...but, why would you?!

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