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It's been a while since I posted the last time. Back from Austria it got really busy here and the knitters nightmare happened. Both of my arms started fall asleep during nighttime and made it hard for me to knit at all.
Now I'm back to my beloved needle work and just managed to finish a sweater for a teenage girl in Kazakhstan.
MITTENS FOR AKKOL provides wool garments for orphanages in Kazakhstan.
"Our charity knitting group provides warm woolens to children in orphanages in Kazakhstan where winter temperatures dip to 40 BELOW ZERO (The same whether you speak Celsius or Fahrenheit.) At those temperatures, it is cold even inside.
This group was started by two parents who have adopted children from an orphanage in Kazakhstan.  While there, they saw the great need for warm clothing for the children.  In winter, children were outside in the bitter cold with nothing on their hands.  Their only socks were thin polyester socks that provided no insulation against the cold.  Warm woolen items were not available in the local markets.
The children in the orphanages range in age from 3 to 16 years old.  Sizes needed are toddlers’ size 2T to large adult with the greatest need in the size 8 children’s to large adult range."

For this sweater I used one of my favorite patterns The Wonderful Wallaby, designed by Carol Anderson. I left out the pouch and used fibonacci sequence for the stripes to make it more interesting. 


VCFibers said…
Looks wonderful! I love the stripped pattern. I'm glad you are back into blogging and that your knitting is picking back up again.
Anne Begley said…
Where can this sweater pattern be found or purchases? Thanks

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