The Wonderful Wallaby

I just realized that I did not post for a long time. After getting sick with a flue on New Years it took me at least ten days to recover. What a way to start a new year. But anyways, I couldn't resist to come up with some New Years resolutions.......of course knitting included. Since I have so many UFO's flying around in my house and a stash which takes over closets and drawers, I'm determined to do something about it. Don't worry, I'm not involved in a fight with some strong forces from different planets...
UFO = unfinished objects and stash = a loooot of yarn.
I decided to declare Monday as my finishing day working on these neglected projects.
This Wonderful Wallaby by Cottage Creations, one of my favorite patterns, was one of them.

I used a Lana Grossa yarn and did some modification to the pattern.

  • I didn't do a pouch as shown in the original pattern.
  • To make the hood less pointy I put a marker on the right and left side of the center two sts of the hood 10 rows before reaching the top of the hood. Then decrease before the marker with an SSK and after the marker with a K2tog every right side row.

I won my first battle with a UFO and I can't wait to catch up with all my knitting.
It's hard to recover from Startitis :)))))


LISMI said…
test post because of a problem I had....
laughingjulia said…
What a great model Jonas is!

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