Modular Vest

This Modular Vest will be the next class I'm teaching at my LYS. You can find the pattern for it  in Creative Knitting Magazine September 2008. Since I love Ellyn Cooper's Yarn Sonnet's I used her yarn called Naturally Smooth, a organic worsted weight merino in the colorway Aquatide. It's a fun and fast knit.

Here some hints to get a great result:

  • Cast on and bind off loosely so that the sides of the mitered square are not pulled and to make it easier to pick up stitches.
  • I marked the "middle stitch" of the row in order to make it easier to see where to decrease. (Saves a lot of counting)
  • I used a big button. So I had to make the buttonhole bigger through binding off 3 sts instead of 2. Check the size of your buttonhole and the button while you're doing it. You don't want to find out that your favorite button doesn't go through the hole after you finished the whole vest!
  • If you find that stitches on the edge look loopy try to knit the first 3- 4 stitches tighter as you would normally do. It will even it out and as a result you will get nice clean edges.
  • It's easy to vary the length of the vest through adding or subtracting a inch or more at the bottom borders if you prefer a different look.

    Have fun knitting!!!!!


Anonymous said…
ChelleC said…
I'm making one of these right now. Very nice, and helpful tips, especially about the buttonhole. I 'm using a big button too. Thanks!
Cindy said…
Love your yarn choice! I bought the magazine because of this pattern and am anxious to start, but I have other things in front of it.

Yours is gorgeous! :)

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