Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another One

The EZ Adult Surprise Jacket allows to play with colors. I love this pattern....

I followed the instructions for the ASJ for a 27” bust circumference.
Gauge: 4 = 1” K = 18
To make the armhole wider I cast on 8 x K, marked point A and B at 2.5 x K sts and decreased down to 6 x K sts. I worked two rows even before I started the increasing part which adds a little room at the underarm.
For the neck opening I put 4 x K sts on a holder.

This Jacket will fit an 6 - 7 year old child and will travel with Warm Woolies to an orphanage.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Maine Impressions

View on Rangeley Lakes Maine

Moose Watching

Coose Canyon

Sunset at Ellis Pond

Friday, August 7, 2009

Kool Aid Dyeing

This time I painted the yarn and used following steps:
  1. I soaked the yarn, a 100% wool which I had wound in a hank, in warm water for approx. 45 min.
  2. After squeezing out the excess water I placed it on plastic wrap for dyeing.
  3. Then I poured my prepared dye in the different sections of my yarn. Sometimes I had to slightly tap the yarn so that the dye would reach the fiber on the bottom too.
  4. After carefully wrapping the hank in the plastic wrap and folding it, it went in the microwave for 2 x 2 minutes on high to set the dye.
  5. Not to "shock" the yarn I let it cool down and then rinsed and dried it.....
The name of the color way is Harlekin since I wanted to create a yarn to knit socks for Warm Woolies. The children in the orphanages love colorful things.....

It's so much fun to use Kool-Aid for dyeing. I just wonder how the stomach of people who drink this looks like. :)